"All Sisters are called to service
in the Kingdom of God.
Therefore, it is their first task
to witness to the hope which lives in them,
that God's creation will reach its fulfillment."

SFIC Constitution: Spiritual Basis, Ch. 7, lines 1-5



We partake of the mission of Jesus: Fullness of Life for all! Called to be at the service of God and humanity, this sense of mission is at the heart of every SFIC. First and foremost, we are called to be witnesses of that Hope that is alive in us: God's Reign of justice, peace and integrity of creation.

As witnessing communities we try to reach out to all peoples, near and far, peoples of diverse creed and cultures, from east to west, north to south, in the spirit of openness and dialogue. Called to be disciples of Jesus and in fidelity to our Franciscan spirituality, we are moved with compassion for the poor and the little ones in society, those who are disenfranchised and dispossessed. We link our arms with theirs in solidarity and together we stand to promote and defend our human rights/human dignity as children of God.

Guided by the light of the Holy Spirit, we try to keep abreast with the signs of our times and discern collectively our relevant response. Faithful to our spirit and charism, we engage in ministries that facilitate the empowerment of women, youth and children, as well as the integral development and holistic health of peoples.
Wherever we go, we are at the service of the local Church, linking our humble efforts in collaboration with the Church hierarchy, with the clergy and other religious communities, and with other groups or organizations committed to the well-being of peoples. In the spirit of openness, we endeavor towards more dialogic collaboration with various social, cultural, ecumenical and inter-faith groups (cf SFIC Constitutions: Spiritual Basis, Ch 7, lines 119-127).

History/her-story is dynamic, cultures develop, signs of the times change, and new forms of mission and ministry evolve, but for the SFIC, one thing shall endure: we care and we serve: FOR the LOVE of GOD.