The Sisters will consider it a grace to be allowed to deal with people of other cultures and thus to experience that the works of God are wonderful. Together with the people among whom they live, the Sisters will continue searching for those values and norms which enable people to give more shape to the Kingdom of God . ( Constitutions, Spiritual Basis , Ch. 7, Lines 96-103 )

The General Chapter considers it fitting that the Kenya Mission be prepared for provincial status by the General Board. A General Councilor is appointed to guide the Kenya Mission Board in the exercise of its function. The Mission Superior and her Council are appointed by the General Superior with the consent of her Council after an advisory nomination of the Sisters, for a period of four (4) years. By virtue of her appointment as Mission Superior, she becomes the observer to the General Chapter.

To be eligible for election, the candidates for Mission Councilors have to be perpetually professed. The term of office for which they are appointed coincides with the office of the Mission Superior. The first assistant serves as the substitute of the Mission Superior.

The Kenya Mission is given the opportunity to participate in the Provincial Chapters with an observer who is chosen from the rank and file. The observer may be elected only once.

To insure the voting rights of the Sisters, the first and second year professed Sisters can elect their observer to the Provincial Chapters. All the perpetually professed Sisters and those with at least three years temporary vows have both active and passive voice in the election of observers. All the professed Sisters exercise their voting right in the advisory nomination for the Mission Board.

The Mission Superior shall be chosen from the members of the Kenya Mission. The choice of Mission Superior will consider her qualities of being imbued with the spirit and charism of the Congregation and with a missionary heart. She has adequate knowledge of and openness to the different cultures, with sufficient skills for governance. To qualify for the office, she has to be perpetually professed for ten (10) years and in residence in Kenya for four (4) years.

The General Superior convenes a General Assembly every two years in collaboration with the Mission Board for the purpose of bonding, assessment and perspective setting. Every four years, the General Assembly includes the advisory nominaton for the Mission Board. The Mission Board, together with the Sisters, strives to work for financial stability given the possiblities in their area.